Tokyo Slaves new recruit, a young girl not even finished with her schooling yet, is about to be put under the ultimate training session. She will learn exactly what obedience means until she worships her master’s desires over her own life. The girl has already begun her training well because the tied up damsel is not making a word. She realizes that no amount of screaming will be able to help her, and her squirming will just make the ropes dig further into her skin. However, nothing is going to spare her for what’s to come either!

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When a milf has such wild jungle themes in her home, she should expect to be treated like an animal. The woman wasn’t expecting her date to come in with rope and tie her up like a cougar caught in a snare. The tied up damsel is secretly loving her bound milfs experience, but she isn’t going to let her capture know that! She moans and squirms, making the shibari dig deeply into her skin and right up her juicing snatch. The cougar is in pain but hoping that the torture will continue- she knows she’s been a bad mommy!

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Tokyo slaves is giving this girl a lesson in acrobatics using intricate shibari bondage. The girl is on a pulley system that is delicately balanced. Right now, the tied up damsel’s head is thrown back and stretching her throat until it is painfully sore. She has the option of lifting her head to alleviate the pain, but then her whole body will fly like an acrobat forward, causing her body to be stuck in a downward spiral. The pain is getting so intense that the slave is considering trying to maneuver her tied up body, but she knows the pain will be worse when she’s face down on the ground.

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This milf had the nerve to go work in her garden wearing this slinky little dress. The mother should know better than to flaunt her goods for all the neighbors, so she gets taught a lesson. The cougar is tied up and blindfolded on the couch; she’s even gagged and even her attempts at squealing can’t be heard. If the neighbors heard, they’d probably just think the slut was getting fucked anyway. There is no hope for Bound Milfs once they are punished, but they at least can expect their wet snatches to get attention.

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The girl at Tokyo Slaves thinks that her torment has finally ended but she’s just been prepped for the real Japanese BDSM to begin. Released from her suspension bondage, the young girl breathes a sigh of relief which is stopped short. Her master starts to rip off her little skirt and the tied up damsel is brought into a new wave of terror. It was bad enough being tied up and not knowing what was going to happen, but now the torture is just starting. She can see a bag of tools off to the side, all for her little pussy.

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